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Our newly refurbished showroom in South West London is now open. New designs and finishes for inspiration or call in for technical advise to refine those finer details that make all the difference.

Composition and Guidelines


All glass used in Glasstrends frameless showers is 10 mm thick toughened safety glass which is manufactured to British and European Safety Standard BS EN 12150:2000 and impact stested to BS EN 12600:2002. Toughened glass is a thermally strengthened glass which is five to seven times stronger than non-toughened glass. In the event of breakage, toughened glass will fracture into small uniform fragments with dulled edges to prevent serious injury. Standard clear glass (natural green hue) and low iron glass (no green hue) are available for all showers.


Most doors can be set to open either inwards or outwards, however, an outward opening door is recommended. Standard door widths are generally between 550mm to 700mm wide. Maximum overall size of 2000mm x 700mm at a weight of 35kg. For doors above the standard measurement, heavy duty hinges are available to suit a maximum size of up to 2800mm x 914mm at a weight of 64kg.

Wall mounted doors

For doors hinged directly from the wall, it is essential to have a solid fixing for the hinge – either timber stud, concrete or brick. Where inadequate wall fixing is suspected, it is recommended that the door be hung from a glass side panel at a minimum width of 120mm


Glass panels are held in position with either a “U” channel or a wall mount clamp, and silicone sealed against the wall and base. All hinges, handles and support bars are finished in polished chrome. All channels and coving are 6463-T5 Extruded Aluminium, polished and bright anodised. Other finishes are available on request.

Special bracing requirements

To provide a safe and sturdy screen it is often necessary to brace unsupported glass panels. Where possible, we prefer to use an overhead glass brace, which complements our frameless styles. Where the use of an overhead glass brace is unsuitable then a support bar may be necessary. Glasstrends will assess each project on its own merits. Glass to glass joins – 135° & 90° We construct each glass to glass join with polished mitre edges, to provide a quality finished look and prevent a visible “thick” joint.


Glasstrends provide a comprehensive range of water seals to prevent leakage. We strongly recommended that the shower rose or body jets do not face the door as leaks can be difficult to avoid in such situations. Glasstrends individually assess every project prior to installation to ensure that the shower design incorporates the most efficient method for door positioning and sealing. We can also provide solutions for steam showers.

Glass surface protection

Glasstrends are pleased to offer customers the option of having their glass ClearShield™ coated. ClearShield™ acts as a lasting protective barrier to prevent limescale and other residues bonding to the glass. ClearShield™ coated glass resists staining, is easier to clean and prevents the growth of bacteria.