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Our newly refurbished showroom in South West London is now open. New designs and finishes for inspiration or call in for technical advise to refine those finer details that make all the difference.


Glasstrends provide a comprehensive range of water seals and design detailing to provide a waterproof frameless shower.

We strongly recommend that the shower rose or body jets do not face the door. Glasstrends can not guarantee a waterproof frameless shower door when the shower rose or body jets are directed towards the door.

Glasstrends individually access every shower and discuss options with the client before manufacture to ensure the design incorporates the most efficient method of waterproofing.

Some showers do not require any waterproof detailing. For example when the shower is being fitted to a wet room floor where there is sufficient drainage built into the floor, any water escaping around the door will naturally flow back underneath it, towards the drain.

We can also provide sealing solutions for steam showers where an air tight door may be required.