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Ultra Clear

Low Iron Glass.


Clear Glass.

CARE for your glass

Glasstrends is pleased to offer customers the option of having

their glass Clearshield treated. Clearshield is a lasting protective

barrier which is applied to the shower glass to prevent limescale

and other residue damaging and staining the glass surface.

Clearshield coated glass resists staining, is easier to clean and

prevents the growth of bacteria. We recommend using the

aftercare cleaner to guarantee the sparkling finish of your glass

for many years to come.


Glasstrends offers a comprehensive range of water seals and

design detailing to provide a waterproof frameless shower.

We strongly recommend that the shower rose or body jets do

not face the door. Glasstrends cannot guarantee a waterproof

frameless shower door when the shower rose or body jets are

directed towards the door. Glasstrends individually assesses

every shower and discusses options with the client before

manufacture to ensure the design incorporates the most efficient

method of waterproofing. Some showers do not require any

waterproof detailing. For example when the shower is being

fitted to a wet room floor where there is sufficient drainage built

into the floor, any water escaping around the door will naturally

flow back underneath it, towards the drain. We can also provide

sealing solutions for steam showers where an air tight door

may be required.

Safety glass

All glass used in Glasstrends frameless showers is 10mm thick

toughened safety glass which is manufactured to British and

European Safety Standard BS EN 12150:2000 and impact

tested to BS EN 12600:2002. Toughened glass is a thermally

strengthened glass which is five to seven times stronger than

non-toughened glass. In the event of breakage, toughened glass

will fracture into small uniform fragments with dulled edges to

prevent serious injury.

Glass Options

You can choose to have your shower glass made with

Standard Clear Glass

which has a natural green hue or

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass

which does not. For example

when looking through

Standard Clear Glass

with a white

background the glass will appear quite green. Because

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass

is optically clearer, it is almost

unnoticeable against the same white background.

There are various applications available to provide colour and

texture to your shower glass. Please call us and one of our

technical advisers will be happy to discuss your requirements

and offer some options for you.

Call: 020 7223 4017